We have chosen a truly outstanding venue – the museum-institute of Komitas, a composer, teacher and musicologist, who was one of the pioneers of ethnomusicology.
With deep research on more than 4000 transcripts, he paved the way for how ethnic music was to be perceived in the next century.
Despite the historical and cultural heritage, his works often seem to come from the pen of a modernist or avant-gardist.
Eventually, the deep knowledge and strong vision of Komitas earned him the name “Thinker of the Future”.

Art & Future Tech

Nowadays, revolutionary approaches in art often cannot go without the use of newest technologies, while outstanding tech initiatives are referred as works of art. The venue of ChainPoint’18 provides an exceptional opportunity for new discoveries by bringing together the spirit of Armenian heritage and the best practices of blockchain technologies. The unprecedented atmosphere of the venue will shine the light on the importance of future technologies, establish a platform for the synergy of diverse industries and cultures.

VIP networking area

VIP guests are welcome to meet at the exclusive area of the exhibition, named “Collecting the Seeds”, which aims to showcase the life and activities of the prominent folklorist. The place ensures the right atmosphere for productive networking and discussions.

Designated Meeting Room

VIP pass holders can book private meeting hours with other participants upon prior reservations at a special boardroom.


Cultural Heritage

Armenia is a land of mysticism which will capture your imagination. An open air museum, where you can walk through time and experience living history with the beauty of untouched nature and cultural gems.
The world’s first winemaking country and home to the longest ropeway, Armenia has always been at the crossroads of cultural trends and intellectual thought. It is one of the biggest innovation powerhouses in the region, with an annual growth rate of more than 20% in tech.

Tech Leadership

Armenia has become a home for future technologies, successful tech companies and game-changing startups that make their way to the global tech market; reinstating the innovative and technological potential of the nation.
In sync with the innovative developments of the world, Armenia sets a new wave of technological growth, putting special emphasis on emerging technologies.
Chainpoint’18 will raise this wave to its peak, connecting international and local blockchain communities and combining the world-class expertise, potentials and ideas for the sake of synergistic growth.